Jonathan  Suzio

Jonathan Suzio

Client Relationship Manager

Jonathan is a recent graduate of Calvin University, receiving his Bachelors in Actuarial Science and Minor in Data Analytics.  He is looking to jump headfirst into the finance industry as an administrative assistant for the seasoned veteran financial advisors at Capstone Wealth Management. 

Prior to joining Capstone, Jonathan was a treasury intern at Varroc Lighting Systems where he focused on analyzing the company’s foreign currency exposure. 

During his education at Calvin and treasury internship at Varroc, Jonathan discovered a passion for finance.  He hopes to explore this newfound interest by using his background in math and analytics to grow his knowledge of financial planning, eventually working with clients to pursue their goals and work toward achieving financial independence.

When Jonathan is not at work, he enjoys playing baseball, golf, videogames, and he’s a huge Star Wars fan.